The process of developing an effective and outstanding business website is no simple task. Nevertheless, we try to make your website design as painless as possible by asking the right questions up front, using our experience and creativity to come up with ideas and solutions that work for your business, translating complicated jargon and concepts and most important – regularly communicating with you every step of the way. Here is how a typical website development process goes:

  1. You fill out the website development questionnaire and at your convenience
  2. We schedule a phone call or meeting so we can learn more about you and your business and discuss your questionnaire
  3. We provide you with a price estimate / proposal
  4. If you are interested in moving forward, we send you a contract with all the details of the website development process
  5. You return the signed contract with a deposit
  6. You provide any text or photo content you have for the website (if copy writing or photography services are needed, we can put you in touch with our partners)
  7. You purchase website hosting and a domain name if necessary (we can help you set this up) and provide us the login and password information
  8. If you are getting a custom designed site, we create a design mockup(s) of the home page for your new site (these will be emailed to you)
  9. You choose a design and provide detailed feedback and any changes needed on the design or overall layout
  10. We start coding the framework of the website, inputting text and photos, configuring plug-ins, etc.
  11. We upload the website to a live online testing server for your review (your current site will remain up during this time)
  12. You provide feedback and let us know of any changes are needed (if additional pages or functionality are needed, we will provide a quote and change order)
  13. When we have final approval, we will put the site live on your domain name
  14. Final payment is due
  15. Once payment has been made, we will schedule your training and provide you with all user names and passwords so you can have total control of your website

How long does it take to build a website?

The turnaround time for website development is usually 6-12 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your site. Other factors that affect turnaround time are the speed at which we receive the content from you and the planning and approval time you need. We will provide you a more specific time table with your initial proposal. Our process includes multiple check points during the process to ensure your project finishes on time and on budget. We also have a new service called the 8 Hour Website for simpler WordPress websites.

How much does a website cost?

Every website is different, with varying size, features and functionality, and every project presents it’s own unique set of challenges. Please see our website pricing page for an idea of general websites pricing, but please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you a quote based on your specific needs.

Who builds the website and does the coding?

Your website will be made 100% in the USA, guaranteed. A lot of companies use offshore development teams to decrease costs and increase profits. All of our development work is done in-house.

What happens when the website is done?

We want you to have total control of your site, so once your website is complete, you may make ongoing changes and updates yourself through the WordPress content management system. Alternatively, you can hire us to manage your site and make changes and updates, but there is no required ongoing commitment to use our services.

Are there ongoing costs associated with having a website?

The only automatic ongoing costs for most business websites are third-party website hosting, domain and Sitelock Security fees. (Read our blog article “What is Website Hosting and Why Do You Need It?“) E-commerce web sites (online stores) will have more ongoing costs, including SSL certificates, merchant account and payment gateway costs. Websites that have special booking features, membership websites or other special functionality may also require ongoing plug-in costs. All these fees are external, third party fees. You may choose to hire iCandy Graphics & Web Design to maintain your website or do bi-annual updates to WordPress, plug-ins, etc. We highly recommend doing updates to your WordPress software and plug-ins at least four times a year (and more frequently is even better). However you are free to manage the website yourself or hire any qualified WordPress website developer to help you. We will never require your ongoing business, but we will earn it!

Will my website be viewable on phones and tablets?

Yes, your website will be completely optimized for and functional on tablets and cell phones. All our websites are built using “responsive website design” (one website that resizes itself based on the size of computer monitor or screen). Read this article on responsive website design  to help determine how important mobile friendly websites might be to your business. No Flash will be used unless specifically requested.

Will people be able to find my website on Google and other search engines?

The simple answer is yes. Yes, search engines will find your website, but how high they will rank it depends on dozens of factors. WordPress is an extremely SEO-friendly content management system. Your website will be optimized for search engines and “web robots” by including pertinent page titles, alternative tags (alt tags), meta data descriptions, text keywords, search-engine-friendly URLs, a tableless design, and other techniques. All important text will be “live text” rather than image-based text. No Flash will be used unless specifically requested. In addition, we will install Google Analytics so you can track website visits and where traffic is coming from. This is all a part of our standard website development process.

For a deeper understanding of search engine optimization, please review our our blog articles on seo.

If you are interested in DIY SEO (do-it-yourself search engine optimization), click to learn more about our WordPress training programs.

What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

OK just kidding, nobody asks us this question. But in case you’re dying to know, it is dill Havarti.