WordPress Training Services

We want to empower our clients to use their websites to their fullest potential.  We can train you on WordPress basics, SEO, Google Analytics or create a custom training program based on what you want to learn! We can even help you build a WordPress website from scratch. Invest in learning new skills and take control of your WordPress website!

“Just a quick note to thank you so very much for your help/tutoring today. You’re a great teacher and helped me feel much less intimidated by WordPress and posting a solid blog. Thank you! I can tell you truly care about fellow entrepreneurs and artists…and that is of great value in this day when so many services are focused solely on sales. I am so grateful for your direct help…but, also how you empower me to scoot around on my site and do things myself. I came home and was able to switch the reviews…and would never have had the confidence to do that. I just got a copy of your book off Amazon…am eager to learn more from you.”

Becca Koopman | Owner | Wear Love Now | Madison, WI

  1. Do you have a WordPress website or blog, but you don’t know how to use it?
  2. Do you have some experience managing your WordPress website, but you would like to make your website or blog work even harder for you?
  3. Are you trying to optimize your WordPress website for search engines and improve your SEO yourself, but you don’t know where to start?
  4. Are you trying to build your own WordPess website, but you got stuck?
  5. Did the person at your company who managed your WordPress website leave, and now you don’t know what to do?

We are at your service!

We offer hourly onsite training for WordPress websites and blogs, whether we built your site or someone else did. One of our experts will come to your home or place of business for one-on-one training and show you how to use the tools that make WordPress the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web today!

Training structure and training time for each individual will vary, but this should give you an idea of what to expect. Or please contact us if you are looking for WordPress training in a specific area not covered here.

Training at the iCandy office or virtual training via remote computer screen-share: $100/hour
One-on-one onsite WordPress training at your office in the Madison, Wisconsin area: $125/hour
(Please inquire for group rates (more than 3 people) and for rates for traveling outside the Madison area).

WordPress Basics: (2-3 hours)

We will make it easy for you to learn the basics of WordPress such as:

  • how to update your website pages and sidebar widgets
  • how to add blog posts
  • how to add tags to your blog posts
  • how to add hyperlinks (or links) to other web pages
  • how to add PDFs to pages
  • how to resize and upload images
  • how to create a new page
  • how to edit or change your navigation (page tabs)
  • how to change widgets and footer information

WordPress Intermediate User: (2-3 hours)

If you already know the basics of WordPress, but you want to take your website to the next level, this program is for you. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • how to add videos to a page or blog from YouTube or Vimeo
  • how to add basic widgets to your website sidebars
  • how to make more complex page layouts
  • how to install basic plug-ins
  • how to integrate social media into your WordPress website
  • how to install Google Analytics
  • how to use and understand your Google Analytics reports

Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization (SEO): (2-3 hours)

Learn the basics of SEO and what you can do to improve your website’s Google ranking. Here’s what you’ll learn in this training:

  • overview of search engine optimization key terminology and best practices
  • how to install and use an SEO plug-in
  • how to track your website visits using Google Analytics
  • how to optimize your WordPress website using post tags, hyperlinks, keywords and meta data
  • where you can get free backlinks for your website
  • identify internal and external opportunities for SEO (paid and organic)

Understanding Google Analytics Basics (1-2 hours)

Stop counting hits and start using Google Analytics to its full potential to determine what traffic on your site is valuable. Here’s what you’ll learn in this training:

  • Learn the interface of Google Analytics and how to get around the dashboard
  • Learn how to compare current reports to previous time periods
  • Understand reporting terms such as sessions, bounce rate, page views, session duration, URLs, etc.
  • Learn how to track mobile and tablet usage on your website
  • Learn how to discover the geographical location of your website visitors
  • Learn how to use secondary dimensions to dig deeper into your traffic reports
  • Understand what’s behind the “Not Provided” keywords in the Organic keywords report and ways to unlock information from this report
  • Learn how to create Goals and track Conversion Rates
  • Understand how to use Conversion Rates to define valuable traffic and actionable next steps
  • Learn how to automate reporting and set up monthly emails with your Google Analytics reports


You tell us what you want to learn how to do and we will show you how to do it!

“Your [WordPress website] workshops were informative and relevant. I can’t thank you enough for doing this for John Knox Presbytery. I know I picked up some helpul pointers and look forward to exploring and learning more in WordPress. Please thank your helpful and patient assistants.”

Judy | John Knox Presbytery Church | Richland Center, WI


We can show you how to build your own website with WordPress. This intensive training will likely take 2-3 sessions or more, depending on the complexity and size of your desired website. Here is what you will learn in this WordPress training:

  • how to purchase and configure your website hosting and domain name
  • how to install and configure WordPress software
  • how to choose and install a WordPress theme / template
  • how to customize your WordPress template with your logo and basic branding
  • how to create widgets, sidebars, footers, and navigation systems
  • how to install basic plug-ins
  • how to install Google Analytics
  • how to use and understand your Google Analytics reports
  • how to create a new page
  • how to make more complex page layouts
  • how to add blog posts
  • how to add tags to your blog posts
  • how to add hyperlinks (or links) to other web pages
  • how to add PDFs to pages
  • how to resize and upload images
  • how to create and edit your navigation menu (page tabs)
  • best practices for WordPress website management and security

“I really enjoyed the teaching methods of both Candy and Matt. They were well versed with WordPress and they were able to connect with a very low-tech group and make the process seem over easy. I appreciated their patience with us newbies and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to discover all that WordPress has to offer.”

WordPress Workshop Attendee | Madison, WI