The importance of branding can not be understated. Your company’s logo is often the first thing a potential customer sees in connection to your business. It conveys your identity as a company and should represent the essence of who you are and what you stand for. We want your logo to be perfect. That’s why we want you directly involved in the logo design process.

iCandy Graphics & Web Design develop has a totally unique logo design process that is done in one business day! Here’s how it works:

For the 8 Hour Branding, the client comes to our office in Madison, (we could do this remotely but it’s not as fun!) The day is 9am – 5pm. You work directly with our 3 graphic designers all day to develop the perfect logo for your business. The day includes coffee/ bagels in the morning and lunch.

The process involves the following:

1) Discovery Meeting:
We go through an interview process in which you tell us about your brand, your vision, your competitors, your positioning and your business goals. You can provide samples of logos you admire or our designers will research logos to hone in on your aesthetic tastes.

2) Mood Board:
You work with a designer to select some potential color options for your brand. We’ll develop a mood board based on your color ideas, fonts, textures, other logos and imagery that we will use for inspiration.

3) Core Values:
You sort through our Core Value Cards to determine 5-10 of the most important values to your business. This helps us get a sense of how you and your business are unique and what matters most to your brand.

4) Conceptualizing & Presentation:
Our 3 graphic designers sketch, conceptualize and develop several original concepts for your consideration. While we are designing, you watch videos and do a couple of exercises that will help your business.

5) Feedback & Selection:
You provide feedback on the logos we have created. You can select a couple of logos you would like to refine, or you can combine elements of different logos to create a new look. We will refine until you are completely happy with the design.

6) Finalization: Once a logo concept is finalized, we confirm color selections and provide digital files for final logo in many formats (.jpg, .pdf, .eps, .png, 1-color versions, etc.). You retain full ownership and copyrights to the final logo.

7) Extras:
If time allows, we can work on social media graphics or a business card design for you.

Investment: Our 8 Hour Branding process is a flat fee of $1500. The best part is, you will have your logo

After your logo has been designed, we will provide you all the necessary logo files you would need to purchase apparel, signage or have other designers create marketing materials for you. We also offer additional design services as needed, including website design, brochure design, custom PowerPoints and more. Please let us know if you are interested in any of these other services.

Let iCandy Graphics & Web Design develop a unique, unforgettable and meaningful logo and help your company stand out from its competitors.

You can see some samples of our logo work below as well as in our online logo store.

“We were impressed by your process and team, all agreeing that the final product was not something that we would have likely come up with if each of us went through a separate branding exercise, but so much better.  We were all smiles walking out.  And to be able to knock this out in one day is great, especially coordinating with out-of-town folks.”

Greg Frahm-Gilles

Access Veterinary Care