Marketing online involves more than simply having a website. In order to make the most out of your site, you need to drive more people to your website and keep them coming back. Besides increasing the exposure of your products and services, increasing the number of visits helps your search engine ranking.

Email Marketing Template Design

Email marketing and sending enewsletters is one inexpensive option to drive people to your site and reach out to your customers on a regular basis. It is much less expensive direct mail or printed newsletters, and delivery time is short. Plus, enewsletters are paperless and better for the environment!

Are looking for someone to help you set up your email marketing and social media accounts? We can help you create the accounts and brand them accordingly. We can set up an email marketing account for you with a third party software such as Constant Contact or MailChimp and help prepare your emailing contact list. Then we design a custom template for your Constant Contact or MailChimp account that matches your branding so you can send enewsletters on your own. Or, of course, we can handle that part for you too!

There are a number of types of email communications you can send to your clients. These include a quick announcement, an emailed newsletter, promotions, coupons, press releases, e-catalogs and more. Don’t miss out on this great way to reach your customers.

Social Media

We can also help you create accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are not the tech savvy type, don’t worry! We’ll set it all up for you and show you how to post updates.


Newsletter Writing and Social Media Messaging

We also offer ongoing social media writing and strategic planning. We can tailor a social marketing campaign to your business and target audience. If you struggle to find the time to write the content for your newsletters or social media, or you’re just not good at getting your message across, we can help! Beautifully crafted communication with your clients is key.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business with social media and email newsletters!